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Question Answered: Maybe Chris Sununu Can Get Re-Elected…, But What About Everyone Else?


Back in May, I questioned whether Republican behavior, especially Governor Sununu’s, which had gotten decidedly progressive, could weather the electoral storm in November?

And while Governor Sununu may be able to weather the loss of thousands of votes… what of elected members of the party he (at least figuratively) leads? Candidates who need a handful or a few hundred votes to win or keep a seat for which the votes will vanish? A majority that will vanish.

The absence of a Republican majority in the legislature or Executive Council reduces Mr. Sununu to a place-holder incapable of doing anything else that might be remotely Republican in nature until he can be replaced because some Rasputin-like establishment insiders told him what (more than likely) the national party insiders think it’s a good move politically.

As it turns out, it could not. Sununu won, every other body appears to have traveled left. It wasn’t that far of a trip.

Overall, New Hampshire Republicans in the most recent session were awful. We wrote about it extensively. But in the interest of keeping Democrats out of power with their promises of tax hikes and other rubbish, I ignored the obvious issues with some candidates and went all in on keeping the Left out of power. But voters in New Hampshire, notice I didn’t say New Hampshire voters, decided they wanted to try something else.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the something else.

  • Democrats had a blue wave in New Hampshire.
  • We are going to have to deal with Marcy’s Law (but voters could save still save us).
  • There will be a ton of liberty wrecking, tax-hiking, garbage legislation.
  • Governor Sununu is a moderate and will sign things he probably should not.
  • There will be vetoes that are hard to sustain.
  • We’ve been here before, and the lessons of the past tell us why we are here again.
  • When Republicans vote like Democrats we end up with the real thing.
  • Elected Democrats are still the best campaign ad for electing Republicans.
  • There will be plenty to blog about.

Let the games begin.