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Maybe Chris Sununu Can Get Re-Elected if He Signs HB1319, But What About Everyone Else?

NHGOP WoodshedI don’t get out a lot these days, but Thursday night (at the invitation of another) I ventured over to the Atkinson Country Club for the Rockingham County Republican Committee Washington – Lincoln – Reagan (Founders) dinner. It was good to see and be seen. The food was delicious and the keynote speaker, Carly Fiorina, was (IMO) excellent.

She made many important points, not the least of which was that sometimes political parties become more interested in winning than in principles. How timely.

As Skip Murphy often remind us, winning is only a precursor to what you do after you win.

Since this was a Republican event Carly’s observation seemed fitting, whether she meant to make the point or not. We’ve elected a lot of Republican’s lately and while there have been one or two crucial victories a majority of their effort has left us wanting.

Carly also reminded us that our founders expressed concern about the formation of political parties. They foresaw the accumulation of power as (potentially) detrimental to the sovereignty of the people and the Republic itself. That the politics of the power would contradict any oath of office to protect and defend the constitution or even their own supposed priorities.

Winning would be more important than what you did with it.

Two recent examples in New Hampshire come to mind.

A Republican governor, presented with the opportunity to advance what is wholly a radical progressive policy priority, wants to claim its ‘merits’ for himself and his political party. The legislation, HB 1319, was dead. Republicans resurrected it, and leadership pushed it through Republican majorities so that the Republican Governor could sign it.

A Republican Governor (whom it is rumored) believes that his signing of a Gender Identity bathroom bill with broad consequences for free speech, expression, association, privacy, and the safety and security of sex-specific accommodations for women, will not prevent him from re-election.

So this is bad but maybe Gov. Sununu could sign it, take a hit, and still win re-election. Disregarding why anyone would actually do that, what about everyone else?

The Progressive NGO’s will claim a victory. They’ll get a lot more momentum, and outside money. They’ll hire more staff, lawyers and lobbyists to push forward to the next step in their agenda. And they’ll get more legislative help because not one Democrat will vote for a Republican (instead of a Democrat) because of the passage of the bathroom bill.

And while Governor Sununu may be able to weather the loss of thousands of votes (though I do not think that is true) what of elected members of the party he (at least figuratively) leads? Candidates who need a handful or a few hundred votes to win or keep a seat for which the votes will vanish? A majority that will vanish.

The absence of a Republican majority in the legislature or Executive Council reduces Mr. Sununu to a place-holder incapable of doing anything else that might be remotely Republican in nature until he can be replaced because some Rasputin-like establishment insiders told him what (more than likely) the national party insiders think it’s a good move politically.

Forget the party platform. Forget the troublesome legal side effects. Forget how the bill does more for lawyers than any other group. Someone thinks it will help Republicans win.

Quick reminder. The same people thought Trump would lose.

As it stands, Mr. Sununu needs his base and the Trump voters to win, a lesson former US Senator Kelly Ayotte ignored. The same insiders bid her renounce Mr. Trump for the good of her political future. Voters renounced her in return batting her out mid-arc, perhaps ending her “rising” political career altogether.

It’s okay, they’ve got Chris Sununu. He’s in the family business. Or do they?

You’ve been winning, to do what? Push progressive health care policy and push cultural Marxism with bills like HB1319?

You’ll need every vote you can get to survive even an average onslaught of the illegal out-of-state voters you and you’re establishment whisperers allow. You do not help yourself by pissing off a huge chunk of your base, who may punish all Republicans but a few.

In the second examples, well, why don’t we just change the platform to justify our infidelity to it?

One-time Tea-Party Congressional Candidate turned Establishment sock-puppet, ex-NHGOP state party chair Jennifer Horn is a New Hampshire leader in the Log Cabin Republicans. This group is a DC special-interest that exists to mainstream progressive priorities from within the GOP at the state level, on the theme of the Colorado model. Flip towns to flip states to flip the nation.

Horn publicly spear-headed the movement in New Hampshire to change the State Republican Party Platform to remove the word ‘traditional’ from in front of the word marriage.

I won’t get back into why that’s a bad idea (read this if you need help with that) but will simply remind you that it is a progressive priority. It is more cultural Marxism. Social re-engineering. Pandering to the false gods of the equity and inclusion movement who at their root seek to replace Republican Party principles like equality of opportunity with the shackles of race and gender politics.

Horn and Co. went about trying to convince Republican delegates that in the interests of equity the NHGOP needed to move forward and embrace Democrat party priorities. Priorities which, at their root, having nothing to do with marriage and never have, unless you mean the elimination of it as a barrier to advancing the size and reach of the state.

Delegates inevitably voted 2-1 against Horn and her effort. (I hope the Governor was watching.)

In both cases, political actors within the party attempted to advance ideas cut from the ruling class robes of the progressive national elite. Things that placed “inside the beltway narratives” ahead of principles that used to matter to Republican leadership.


They are mentally ill or so consumed by the power-politics of the party they can’t see straight.

In 2016, on the coat-tails of Mr. Trump, with the “uninclusive party platform language” intact and gender identity bills rejected, Republicans won everything, everywhere (fighting uphill against Democrats, the Deep-State, the Media, Never Trumpers, and an illegal spying operation by the Obama Administration).

They didn’t win on expanding Medicaid or letting men pee or shower next to our wives and daughters in public facilities. They won on a message of making America exceptional, a return to economic growth and dominance, national security, America First trade policy, job creation, and a healthy respect for our national identity.

In return actors in the New Hampshire “Republican” party embrace globalist socialist gender politics.

And you wonder why we think your frikkin nuts!

Cultural Marxism is a tool to undermine our Republic. Its goal is the destabilization of any institution that slows or impedes the advance of centralized power in the national government.

Traditional marriage and traditional families are a barrier to the necessary state of dependency required to achieve that goal. Someone needs to stand up for them. If not you then who?

Your fidelity should be first and foremost to our founding principles and the Constitutional Republic because these are the best possible means by which to secure equal opportunity to anyone (again as Carly reminded us), regardless of what they look like, where they come from, or where they start.

We’ve already got a party that opposes that.

So, feel free to call me a Republican basher but understand that my fidelity is to the principles, not a political party. I defend them against all comers regardless of whose colors they fly. I protect them because they are exceptional. They are unique in the world. They are the best means by which anyone from anywhere can achieve almost anything if they are willing to work for it.

These are ideas that need defending.

New Hampshire Republicans should be standing tall and bright, like a light on a hill cutting through the murky progressive New England fog. Seek us out. We will defend the founder’s vision.

That would take courage. Perseverance. Leadership.

Instead, far too many try to knock the light out of our hands. They invite the darkness in for a dance. Slowly and systematically reducing New Hampshire to just another Northeast state mugged by coastal elites.

Why do we need another Massachusetts or Vermont? Where’s the advantage in that?