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Notable Quote – John Hawkins


A comment on the news that men were putting themselves between the shooter and the women at the Thousand Oaks, CA nightclub:

Social justice warriors, feminists and self hating men love nothing better than to ramble on about “toxic masculinity,” by which they mean all masculinity….until something happens and they need a man to step up and save them. When there’s a war to be fought, or you need someone to run into a fire or some maniac is firing off rounds, these same people forget how much they hate masculine men. When the bullets were flying and people were dying at Thousand Oaks bar, there were multiple random men literally shielding women from bullets with their own bodies. If you ever get in that situation, you’re not going to be hoping that a “feminist ally” is watching your back, you’re going to want a masculine man watching your six.

-John Hawkins (Author, commentator, blogger)

In other words, where were the 3rd wave feminists throwing themselves into harm’s way to protect all the beta males?

Always remember that the mantra of those feminists and SJWs is that if you aren’t behaving like a feminized male, you’re “toxic”. To the rest of us, we’re normal.

(H/T: Brass Pills)