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Mexican Mayor to Caravan – Obey the Law or Get Deported

Illegal alien caravan

Tijuana has been inundated with illegal immigrants, and the mayor has just about had enough. Alex Parker at RedState is reporting that “Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum declared that the migrant caravans coming through aren’t welcome.”

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In some crazy body switching scenario, Gastelum has invoked concepts (the left would call racist) like immigrating the right way and the rule of law.

We want to apply the constitutional 33, Tijuana is a city of migrants, but we do not want them this way. It was different with the Haitians. They carried papers, they were in order, it was not a horde. Forgive the expression…but human rights are for law-abiding humans, “he said.

Parker points a tip on the already fine point.

It’s an interesting development: a country unsympathetic to America’s illegal immigration problem is facing a crisis of undocumented and unwelcome travelers, if not settlers. At the same time, the Left — which seems to fully embrace the moral superiority of Mexico — should be forced to condemn its Trumpish “obey the law or get deported” talk.

We all know that won’t happen.

The loudest voices will remain silent on the matter. It runs counter to their political priorities. Even when Liberal West Cost cities are swelling with homeless, they still want more bodies to strain the system.

They claim it’s all about compassion. But what exactly is compassionate about ruining the lives of millions of Americans and lying to millions of migrants. The only future they have in the Democrats new world order is as voting dependents of your one-party state. A State where a life of subsistence living is predicated on voting for your socio-economic jailers. Where the only path up the ladder is crime. Or, in few and far between instances a life selling the same snake-oil.

As for Mexico, they’ve at least made some effort. Offering them a place in their nation. And what of those who turn to crime as they crowd the border? It sounds like the Major sees some method in what the Left would call Trumpian madness.

You break the law its jail then a trip back to where you came from.

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