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Migrant Caravan Swells But With Who?

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It is a naive person who ignores the likelihood that MS-13 gang members, cartel thugs, or terrorists would take advantage of a hoard to gain access to the United States. They will. Just ask Jeh Johnson a very partisan progressive Democrat and Mr. Obama’s former Department of Homeland Security. Johnson issued a memo titled, “Cross-Border Movement of Special Interest Aliens.”

The Johnson memo called for the creation of a “multi-DHS Component SIA Joint Action Group” designed to “counter the threats posed by the smuggling of SIAs” and “the increased global movement of SIAs” in order to eventually “bring down organizations involved in the smuggling of SIAs into and within the United States.”

The Obama Administration was not only conscious of the threat they notified top immigration and border security officials to do something about it.

Daniel Horowitz, writing at Conservative Review notes that,

The Aguas Calientes (Guate-Honduras) to Tecun Uman (Guate-Mexico) border crossings are a known SIA route used in the past, as recently as this past April-June when unidentified Palestinians with suspected terror ties took this same route.”

Indeed, these are the routes being taken by the current caravan. Keep in mind that the caravan is working through the Chiapas district of Mexico right near cities like San Cristobal that have populations of recent Muslim converts, a growing phenomenon in the region. None other than open-borders advocate and former Mexican President Vincente Fox accused some of them of having ties to al Qaeda. There are very strong reasons to be concerned with the caravan traveling a known SIA route and passing by such a community.

As the left makes mid-term hay out of needy asylees, refugees, and illegal immigrant families (while ignoring homeless vets, and others who are American’s) considerHorowitz’ closing paragraph.

Typically the interdiction rate at the border is about 50 percent, but you have to imagine, given that the SIAs pay up to $30,000 for successful smuggling, that the border cartels, which control the entirety of the flow of movement across the border, are orchestrating the family unit crossings in a way that will ensure more of the high-value targets successfully cross un-interdicted. “The coyote is interested in one thing only — collecting his money and moving his illicit customers across that border as quickly as possible,” warned Braun. “Anyone believing for a moment that foreign terrorist organizations like Hezbollah don’t exploit situations like this simply don’t understand how the real underworld operates.”

The world’s state sponsors ot terrorism, who have worn to do us harm, are flush with cash. Ignoring that reality to pander to some Democrat narrative comes with a price paid in the lives of everyday Americans.

And elections matter.

Image Credit: ABC News