And all of a sudden…

All of a sudden the conversation ended

So just now, I get a rather terse phone call from a man who says his name is Brad Cook (The name on the phone came up as Sheehan Phinney).

He says he’s the Chairman of the Ballot Law Commission. He asks me if I’m the one who wrote the complaint about Jon Morgan’s residency qualification for NH state senate?

I said the phone shows a law firm. I ask if he was a lawyer, and he says yes.

I asked who is paying him to make the phone call – Sheehan Phinney or the Ballot Law Commission?

He says the Ballot Law Commission, and he wasn’t getting paid for the work. I said funny thing, I don’t get paid for what I do either.

He wants to talk about the complaint I filed (against Democrat State Senate Candidate Jon Morgan).

I said I’d be happy to hear from him in writing via email.

He asked if I didn’t want to hear what he had to say, and I said not unless he would allow me to record the phone call.

And all of a sudden, the conversation ended.