With crap like this, you know it’s only a Power play.

I think that my friend John Hawkin’s new site is going to be a PIA to feminists everywhere. Well, actually they bring it upon themselves – like with this!

Seriously, if you are going around thinking that EVERY man wearing sunglasses is oogling you with evil intent:

  • You’ve had too much caffeine – just put the cup down and step away from the coffeepot.
  • You flatter yourself WAY too much
  • Does this also mean your Dad is evil, too?

After all, as former President (and no longer the worst President in history) Jimmy Carter once said:

I’ve looked on a lot of women with lust.

So let me remind you:

So did your Dad. At your virtuous Mom.  How else did you think you became you?

And you have never done the same thing in reverse, wearing sunglasses yourself?

Virtue-signaling and moralizing harridans. Makes me feel like going out and buying a couple more pair.

(H/T: Brass Pills)

by Skip

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