6 and a half is the new 7. Or something.

So, this guy, Democrat Jon Morgan, seated in this photo to the left (“to the left”; ha, made myself laugh) of Democrat House Candidate Liz McDonnell, one of the Moms Demand Action girls, publicly stated at an October 29, 2018 campaign event in Brentwood, NH that he only returned to live in NH for “about 6 and one half years (42:38 in the video below)”, not the 7 years as clearly required by RSA 655:7. At 1:24:09, he was questioned as to whether he voted in the 2012 presidential election, Candidate Morgan called it a “gotcha question” and stated he “does not remember” whether he voted; a follow-up question asked whether he was “qualified” to run as a candidate for NH Senate, Candidate Morgan did not answer, instead curtly “thanked” the man for his question.  He works for a California company – granted, that could be via remote – and a quick check of his LinkedIn account says he was in North Carolina from 2013-2015 for graduate school.

Now, I thought 7 years was the statutory minimum? Am I missing something here?

Anyone have copies of NH’s 2012 voter registration lists? Anyone have access to Virginia or North Carolina voter lists?

Does anyone even care?