Scandal-Ridden Terry McAuliffe Ties His Corrupt Little Horse to Molly Kelly’s Wagon

Terry McAuliffe

Long-time Clinton insider Terry McAuliffe wants you to vote for Democrat Molly Kelly for Governor. Quick Question. Does Molly care at all about the long series of McAuliffe-Clinton Scandals linking him to the Communist Chinese and large sums of money?

McAuliffe is inseparable from the Clintons and all their scandals not the least of which is that we know that the Chinese Government copied every single bit of data that traveled through Hillary’s unsecured, illegal server (in real time) while she was Secretary of State.

Talk about a security risk.

I hope Molly Kelly has never used a Republican’s name and suggested they might be compromised due to alleged associations with foreign governments. The Clintons and McAuliffe, in particular, have all sorts of “connections” to Communist China but now the Chinese Government has every single email from Hillary’s server including the ones the FBI and DOJ say they can’t find or that Team Clinton believes got Bleach-Bitted away.

The Clinton’s can’t possibly silence that many people so that must make them the most compromised Democrat politicians in America.

Any guesses as to whether McAuliffe communicated with his longtime friends and political allies at any point during all those years across that device?

The Chinese have those too.

That’s just the beginning of the scandals linked to McAuliffe.

McAuliffe helped the Chinese government funnel massive amounts of money to the Clinton’s back in the 90’s.

Terry McAuliffe has been investigated for receiving illegal foreign campaign contributions from a member of the Communist Chinese legislature. 

McAuliffe and Tony Rodham (Hillary’s brother) came under scrutiny for using the EB-5 Visa program to help finance an electric car company. EB-5 allows foreigners to accelerate citizenship requests after making large donations for projects in the US.

“A group of 32 Chinese citizens filed the suit last week in Fairfax County, Virginia court, claiming that they were swindled out of about $560,000 apiece as a result of misrepresentations made by McAuliffe and (Tony) Rodham (Hillary Clinton’s brother).”

They weren’t the only one’s scammed. Rodham and McAuliffe (and co-founder Charles Wang, another individual with deep ties inside China) lied about the number of jobs their business startup would create to bilk even more millions in taxpayer-backed start-up cash from the State of Mississippi where the plant went briefly into operation.

But Greentech never manufactured a viable production vehicle. Its MyCar would have run on a lead-acid battery (how environmentally friendly) with a 51-mile range and top speed of 25 mph. A slightly more useful vehicle was planned that would use a Chinese made body type that would likely never pass US road safety requirements so its sales potential was limited to closed campus low-speed environments.

The whole scheme was created to tap into mountains of taxpayer money made available by the Obama Administration to anyone with the right connections.

“If you have good green projects, there are billions of dollars that are looking for those projects,” (McAuliffe) said at the time.

Millions tapped, in this case, on a business model that would produce $15,000.00 “golf-carts.”

Why did McAuliffe, running for governor in Virginia, build his plant in Mississippi? Because Virginia provided no taxpayer goodies. The Virginia Economic Development Partnership, which hands out “development incentives,” was “dubious of the project from its beginning.” One official wrote, “This company is a complete start-up venture and it appears the management team has no previous experience in automotive manufacturing.”

Despite “failing to satisfy questions about its financing and viability,” McAuliffe kept looking for government handouts. The Wall Street Journal’s Kim Strassel went so far as to call the fundraising ploy “Terry McAuliffe’s Solyndra” and a “crony-capitalist embarrassment.”

Quick reminder. This guy is endorsing Molly Kelly for Governor.

McAuliffe bailed before it inevitably failed. He sold his shares and tucked tail. I’m not sure how much he made on that scam but McAuliffe has a long history of using his political connections to align himself with government-funded enterprises which have helped turn him into a millionaire.

A review of McAuliffe’s business history shows him often coming out ahead personally, even if some investments fail or become embroiled in controversy.

The Greentech plant never had more than 143 employees (they promised 350) and closed down shortly after it opened.

The FEC started an investigation into the scheme that ended without formal charges. A Department of Homeland Security IG report suggested that McAuliffe and Rodham appeared to get favoritism and special access. All of this appears to have been facilitated by and then swept under the rug by either Clinton or Obama Administration partisans.

The bilked EB-5 “investors” are suing.

The State of Mississippi is suing to get back 6.7 million in Taxpayer money.

And we’ve got Terry McAuliffe, despite the illegal foreign donor scandals, ties to the corrupt Clinton Foundation, and a long list of questionable endeavors, stumping in New Hampshire for Democrat Gubernatorial candidate Molly Kelly.

She doesn’t seem at all concerned about over 20-years of deep financial ties and donors and investors from Communist China.

Just for fun guess who helped built the new Chinese Embassy in the US? The one from which the Communis Government stole every scrap of info on Hillary’s illegal server. The guy who donated millions to the Clinton Foundation and over 100,000.00 to Terry McAuliffe’s campaign for governor.

I think Molly’s got problems letting McAuliffe tie his crooked horse to her campaign.

And Ray Buckley’s got some explaining to do about McAuliffe backing New Hampshire Democrats after his simpering whine over a fundraiser involving Corey Lewandowski.

So, I have a question. Have McAuliffe or any of his associates donated to the New Hampshire Democrat Party or Molly Kelly’s campaign?

That’s without even bringing up everything else suspect about the Clinton’s not the least of which is Bill cheating on his wife and all the sexual assault charges.

I guess if you can look the other way when it comes to women what possible problem could you have with a guy who uses his political connections to bilk taxpayers and investors to become a millionaire?