Public School Teacher Can't Believe Black Student Supports Trump - Granite Grok

Public School Teacher Can’t Believe Black Student Supports Trump


Cypress Bay High School (which happens to be in Broward County Florida) is under the microscope after a white teacher asked a black student, according to the student’s parents, “‘You’re African-American, how can you possibly like Donald Trump.’”

On Sept. 25 the student noticed that his math teacher stayed seated during the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. Afterwards, he asked the teacher why she did not stand.

“Her response was something to the likes of, ‘Our country is in a mess…because of our president,’” the parent wrote in a letter to the school district.

When the teacher discovered that the young man was a Trump supporter, she seemed dumbfounded.

The student isn’t even African American. According to his parents, His father is Norwegian and black, and his mother is white. So, the parents have a few questions for the teacher.

Why does she not honor the United States flag and stand during the pledge?

1. Why should their son not be a Republican because he is black?
2. Why should their son not like Trump because he is black?
3. Why did the teacher assume their son is African because of his skin color?

“Our family is proud, and we celebrate freedom,” the parent wrote. “With an immense love of country and beautiful blended family, it has never mattered what color we are.”

Amen to that.

But good luck getting the left on board. Their “tolerance” is limited entirely by your political beliefs, and this is yet another example of this.

Not every Democrat is like this but for those that are it colors their perception of everything and everyone.

This demand for purity is ideological racism and if you want to see what it does to them just check in on anything having to do with their reactions to the Kavanaugh nomination.


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