ICYMI - Harry Bean: candidate for NH State House, Belknap County District 2 (Gilford-Meredith) - Granite Grok

ICYMI – Harry Bean: candidate for NH State House, Belknap County District 2 (Gilford-Meredith)

My name is Harry H. Bean and I live at 234 Saltmarsh Pond Road in Gilford, NH. I am running to be your NH State Rep from Belknap County District 2 (Gilford and Meredith).

Why am I running? One reason is that about a dozen current or past State Reps who have known me for quite some time asked me to after my time on the Gilford Budget Committee. At that point I gave it real consideration and decided that I can make a difference after working inside government and having to deal with government.

Issues that concern me:

  • Healthcare Costs – I feel that one way to lower costs is to have access to more insurers. A larger number of companies will lower premiums; we need to open up the NH marketplace from 2-4 to the over two dozen like it was a few years ago. We should also give people the freedom to buy insurance from across State lines.
  • School Choice – Parents should be in control as to who is to educate their children. It shouldn’t be left to just the professionals in public education.
  • Right to Work – Every person that is working should have the freedom to decide whether or not to give their hard earned money to a union; workers should have a choice. I think that if I were working for a company that has a union, I would rather be compensated based on my work ethic. I feel that I would work harder or faster than others and they shouldn’t receive part of what should be mine.
  • Sanctuary Cities – They should be illegal here in NH. I don’t really know how the word “illegal” keeps getting left out of “illegal immigrant discussions”. I am 100% for legal immigrants; they are the real immigrants that built this country. Everyone needs to follow our laws including our elected officials.

I feel that I may be a better State Rep then some others because I do my homework on issue and am relentless in everything I undertake. I will be there to get stuff done and not just to “be someone”.

I ask for and would appreciate your vote for me in the September Republican primary and then, again, in the November election.

Your future State Representative,

Harry Bean

Cell phone – 455-2993
Home phone – 524-2640
Email – froggytouttaint@aol.com