GrokTV – Throwing the “Race Card” in the Kavanaugh confirmation? Juan Williams did just that

I sat there in amazement at the utter hypocrisy that Juan William showed on Fox News Sunday a couple of days ago.  Seriously, you threw the race card?  How did race matter at ALL, there Juan?  Was Brett Kavanaugh…black?  Was Christina Ford….latina?  Or the former Native American and the latter Islamic (after all, the Left keeps calling Trump racist for limiting Muslim majority immigration from suspected terrorist States)?

Nope, just white.  Both of them – beyond the shadow of a doubt.  The question that was the kickstarter was:

Juan, given the fact that Democrats were clearly saw in that poll, already mobilized, a lot of their in their opposition to President Trump. Does this, if it does energize the Republican voters, the conservative voters, is this a net plus for the Republicans? The Kavanaugh fight?

His answer just had to bring in the Democrat Identity Group politics:

Well, in the short run, again, your point is well taken. We don’t know if this dissipates between now and election day but I would say that in spite of the specific given the white male dominance in the GOP base there has been this outpouring of all the language we’ve been seeing attendant to it, making judgments, proving guilty before anybody has introduced any convincing evidence and that kind of thing even though it was not a legal proceeding as we were talking about putting a man on the High Court.

With, of course, that due to the race card’s subject, the GOP is evil simply because almost all Republicans (RINOs excepted) believe in due process – and the penultimate principle that one is innocent until being proved guilty by a high bar of the evidence presented.  True, that exists in a legal court yet many of us abide by that maxim always.  However, a lot of Progressives have explicitly said that the hearing was NOT a legal court proceeding but simply a job interview (albeit, for SCOTUS).  Yet, these same Progressives who, have made it harder and harder to be able to allow a prospective employer to ask certain kinds of questions during a job interview (like “the box” where potential employers are not allowed to ask an interviewee about their past conviction status), had NO problem in delving into areas that would have gotten them rushed right into HR and then onward to their local Federal court system for violating the person’s civil rights.