GrokTV – This Week: “The Court has NO authority in the country except the confidence of the people.”

Supreme Court Building

“The Court has NO authority in the country except the confidence of the people.”

That was the line, along with one other, that caught my ear this past Sunday while listening to “This Week with George Stephanopolous”‘s  “Supreme Court forum” as they discussed not only what had happened during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing but what effect they thought it was going to mean with Kavanaugh being confirmed. The message from the two Progressives, Elizabeth Wydra (President of the Progressive Constitutional Accountability Center) and ABC’s Terry Moran (long time reporter and absolutely a Republican Hater) was that Kavanaugh would severely damage SCOTUS with his elevation. For those of you not intently involved, this is the current screed of the Democrats which you will be hearing now and MUCH more in the future – that SCOTUS has now no longer legitimate because of 1) Gorsuch, 2) Kavanaugh, and 3) Trump.  Really, it’s more the case of trying to crudify SCOTUS because with originalists on the bench, their problem is 1) They no longer have the Power, 2) the Court will stick to the Constitution as written instead of finding new Rights and Powers  that never had appeared before since it written, and 3) Trump!

From Elizabeth Wydra concerning Kavanaugh:

“…When you look at his record on the DC Circuit, he is incredibly conservative on issue that will be very important in the next coming years for the Supreme Court like reproductive rights, issues like access to healthcare, especially when you are talking about women accessing contraceptive coverage, and as well as environmental regulations, consumer protections, and even some of his conservative collegues have called him out for going too far and not respecting precedent in some of those opinions. So I don’t know who this “centrist” is that Senator Collins was talking about…

Well, that’s why a majority of the voters in the States that voted for Trump in the Electoral College voted for him – SCOTUS and his promise to nominate jurists that would read the plain language of the Constitution instead of acting like the Supra-Legislature that Democrats depended upon to “make law” they couldn’t pass the Constitutional Legislative manner. It’s clear that Wydra believes that women should have publicly paid for abortions, paid for contraceptives, more government regulations, and with “precedents”, and that no longer able to depend that SCOTUS will “defend” their Progressive policies they couldn’t pass otherwise.

Then the question to Moran:

Terry, when he was sworn in by [Supreme Court Chief Justice] John Roberts last night, I thought it was interesting that Elena Kagan was there, RBG was there, how does he kind of fit in this court?

And the answer, with no explanation as to the bolded part of his answer:

Well, that was a huge statement and an important statement because with this nomination, whether Kavanaugh likes it or not, or deserves it or not, he brings onto the court the poisonous political polarization that divides the nation right now. And he’s got that on the Court. Some of that’s unfair, its just a circumstance, some of it is his own doing. When he got angry, his anger was understandable in that situation but when he got angry as if the mask slipped and this rabid partisan worldview came out. Accusing the Democrats and liberals with millions of dollars…

No mention at all that the Democrats had thrown everything into the kitchen sink and THEN threw it at Kavanaugh’s heart and family.  No mention by Moran that the Democrats had reverted to the lowest of low even to the point that USA Today sideways called him the worst of the worst sexual slur of all: a pedophile and that Kavanagh should never coach basketball again because CHILDREN!

Again and again, not one shred of corroboration on any of this – not one.  But lots of “BELIEVE WOMEN” simply because FEMALE! Men, the message goes, are all simply evil.

Really, Terry? And haven’t you forgotten how you have added to that polarization to which you speak? And now you accuse Kavanaugh of deliberately bringing that “poison” onto the Court.  You Progressives, you TDS sufferers stirred up the pot, hurled into it, and then hurled it onto his reputation and you gaslight him by saying “look at his ANGER!  Wrong TEMPERMENT!”.

News to Progressives: it wasn’t the Republicans that did the hurling, the slamming, the scheming, the coordination, the innuendos, the grandstanding, the delays, and the smearing. Add in hypocrisy if you want (hear that, Corey Booker and “Da Nang” Dick Blumenthal?).  Who amongst that Democrat panel members would have just sat there and take what Kavanaugh did without a murmer? Kamala Harris? Whitehouse? DiFi?

And he added another whack at Conservatives:

…Can they [Roberts and Kagan] find ways, in the cases they take, in the way they fashion decisions, to lower the temperature. The problem is, there’s going to be a tremendous amount of pressure because Conservative lawyers around the country: “The Candy Store is OPEN now!”

And ended up with this:

“The Court has NO authority in the country except the confidence of the people.”

With this, Moran adds to the bonfire that Progressives are making of the Constitution – that only public opinion counts, that only popular direct democracy counts. Seriously?

Last time I read it, it is the Constitution, and not just the people (NH Article 10 aside for the moment) is the entity that empowers all three branches of the Federal Government by dint of the “various States” that ratified it back at the beginning of our country. That’s all that’s necessary.

Unless of course, you and your fellow Progressives wish to overthrow said Constitution. It does seem that way.  Have you thought through the ramifications?

I think that the Cold Civil War that has been simmering for a while would geyser up as hot as any geyser in Yellowstone if you continue along this path.  You won’t like the new Rules.