Democrat Molly Kelly Wants Gov. Chris Sununu to Denounce Brett Kavanaugh

Molly-Kelly Clintons

Candidate for New Hampshire Governor Molly Kelly (D – Never met a tax increase she didn’t like) wants the current Republican governor, Chris Sununu, to denounce Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination publicly. Sure, it’s a trap, but not one he can’t easily side-step.

Mr. Sununu should counter with something like, “This is not a banana republic. No one is guilty until proven innocent. We have due process and the rule of law to prevent a preponderance of biased opinion and speculation from fomenting a culture where you allow mob-rule to impose a standard of guilty until proven innocent.

What sort of message is Candidate Molly Kelly sending? That it is not just fashionable but permissible to rhetorically hang someone out to rot in a court of public opinion ginned up by partisan activists on the word of another in the absence of any actionable evidence or corroboration?

And if that is true, why isn’t State Sen. Jeff Woodburn in her crosshairs? Why are the accusations of his accuser not of equal value? Why is he, a Democrat, still running for office? Does the question answer itself?

Sen. Kelly should spend a bit more time inside her own head, asking why she doesn’t believe a democrat woman before she extends her sights far beyond the borders of New Hampshire to matters over which she has no say. Or, is that the real message?

She’s not running for governor because she cares about New Hampshire or New Hampshire people. She is just using them as a stepping stone to the US Senate where she would have a voice in such matters.

A voice that not only seeks the power of higher office but advocates for a government that ignores the rule of law, due process, and the rights of the accused. A land where depending on your political stripes, you might be guilty from go.

Another word for that is despotism.

Oh, and that’s a nice picture of you with Bill and Hillary Clinton. No hypocrisy there either, right?”

That’s what I’d say, or something like it, but then, I’m not the governor.