This isn't "Trump's Hurricane" - He Inherited it. - Granite Grok

This isn’t “Trump’s Hurricane” – He Inherited it.

The media is all aflutter with the implication that Mr. Trump and his destructive exit from the Paris Climate agreement is responsible for Hurricane Florence. If not the hurricane itself then it’s intensity. If not the intensity then the risk to human life and (what will undoubtedly be reported as) record high property damage.

There’s only one problem.

We haven’t actually left it yet.

Trump hasn’t been in office nearly long enough for his policies to alter the earth’s greenhouse gas levels. In fact, his plan to repeal Obama’s “landmark“ climate change regulation has not yet been implemented.

This is an inherited Hurricane. Or, more likely, the two have nothing to do with each other.

We’ve reported the refutations of the effectiveness of the Paris Climate accord. We’ve reported on the United States leading the way with or without the rest of the world to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Our stance on climate forcing is that politicians and bureaucrats are forcing it down everyone’s throat as an excuse to raise revenue for politicians and bureaucrats.

You know where we stand, but if you have friends, co-workers, or acquaintances who broach the subject let them know that the beneficent government they love is a slow lumbering beast and the announced policy changes have not yet been implemented.

If Florence is a result of a policy, it’s not Donald Trump’s policy.