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Mr. Trump’s Enemies Are Your Enemies

Conrad Black has an entertaining turn over at National Review titled Trump and His Enemies. It revisits the issue of Mr. Trump’s victory against both parties (for which his every-day American supports adore him) and how the ruling class establishment elites hate him for it.

Two pull quotes to tease it for you. First,

They are enemies and the president would not wish it any other way. He ran for office against both parties, the lobbyists, almost all the national political media, and the politically active elements of Wall Street, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley. Keeping this in mind, it was disappointing but not surprising that the protracted obsequies of Senator John McCain became a shadow lamentation of the absence in the current president of the qualities that most of the official mourners posthumously discovered in Senator McCain.

So bent is the establishment by its rejection that it used the death of a US Senator to smear a sitting president. Such is the nature of the division, not by party but by class, as so often noted on our pages, between the People our Founders meant to rule and the elite establishment that means to rule them.

Donald Trump did not create this division, it is why he is President.

The second pull quote adds a necessary point to the first.

The United States is now like Egypt, in that the armed forces are the only respected institution left standing. A narrow majority disapprove of the president, and steadily larger majorities are doubtful of the judiciary, despise the Congress, loathe the academy, and detest the national media. In a democracy, somebody will pay for this, and it is unlikely to be Donald John Trump, the principal accuser of the others. 

Mr. Trump’s detractors may find a way to make his job more difficult, but the odds are not in their favor. Which was precisely the point of a Constitutional Republic. A system of government by which, even after being driven toward submission by progressive elites for more than a century, there remains a whisper of hope that ‘the people’ could have a say in how the things get done.

We’re not quite there yet, and the ruling class may still win out, but with the election of Mr. Trump the people have shown that they are paying more attention than they were meant to and that they will not go quietly.

The elite response has been to label them as stupid, racist, bigots. As if that will help their cause.