Grok 3.0 - so where is it? - Granite Grok

Grok 3.0 – so where is it?

Well, it is taking a bit more time than we thought but a lot of progress has been made over the last two weeks.  There’s some “under the hood” work still left to be done but the general outline is pretty much set (albeit with test data from a while ago).  A lot of our posts, images, and the like have been ported over (from when we first opened in 2006 to just before “current times”)

Grok 3 - screenshot 1

A couple of new features – like New Media Militia (above) and Around the Web (which is getting renamed, after the jump): places for us to drop links that we thought interesting but had no time to blog about them / their content but we think they’re important. A couple of more screenshots:

Grok 3 - screenshot 2


Grok 3 - screenshot 3

All of our DISQUS comments will be there as well as a few more features but I wanted to let you know things are progressing.  More still to come…