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Grok 3.0 – It’s almost time!

Web-under-constructionWe’ve been waiting a long time for this and, finally, it’s almost here.  A lot of background work has been done by Perceptions Studio and yesterday was a massively long prototyping session as to how it will all fit together.  We think 

we have it all settled down and the final punch list has been created and being worked on. A lot of time, a lot of work, no small amount of angst as we’ve argued back on forth on user interface design issues and backend functionality.  But it’s almost here. In fact, later on next week will be “cut-over” day!  New look and new functionality.  And yes, since I AM Skip Murphy, Murphy’s Laws will certainly play a role (yeah, the clan made me the QA guy – I know Murphy’s Laws) so we appreciate your patience if some stuff goes haywire from time to time.

Not EVERYTHING will be there on Day 1 – I expect that a few things may be phased in over a wee bit of time and things we thought would work and look great, well, maybe not so much.  So, expect some changes for a coupla / few weeks as we find gremlins and bring in the exterminators.

I can’t wait to see it live.  I also can’t express my thanks, on behalf of the GraniteGrok team, your support both in spending time with us and the financial means to allow this to happen.