GOP Primary Voter Recommendations For Gilford, NH - Granite Grok

GOP Primary Voter Recommendations For Gilford, NH

Following in Grokster Mike’s footsteps, my recommendations for my hamlet are:

  • Governor: <blank>
    Executive Council: Joseph Kenney
  • NH House: Harry Bean, Glen Adrich, Rick Notkin, Jon Mackie (the “Frugal Four”)
  • NH GOP Delegates: Tim Sullivan, Jean Ferreira

Please go out and vote. Especially on this day where we remember that our Rights and Freedom are not free – they are paid in blood by those that either by choice or happenstance, paid the ultimate price.  Sadly, when compared to the total number of voters, it will be an extremely small number of people that will decide who will be representing us in the General Election come November.  Take a few minutes, exercise one of the few remaining vestiges of citizenship, and vote.  If you don’t know who to vote FOR, let us know and we can make suggestions.