Arctic Ice Death Spiral Looks a lot like the Sea Level Rise Death Spiral - Not Much to See - Granite Grok

Arctic Ice Death Spiral Looks a lot like the Sea Level Rise Death Spiral – Not Much to See

Sea ice annual extent

We haven’t tweaked the Climate Cult nearly enough of late so here’s some ice to chew on. It’s the NOAA passive microwave dataset. This method of measurement shows the approximate annual Arctic sea-ice extent at the top of the world.

As you can see predictions of an abrupt and unstoppable ice-free Arctic appear exaggerated compared to this dataset. Yes, there was ice loss. From 1994 to 2007 the arctic ice cap shrank by 1.537 M km2. That’s almost thirteen percent.  But since 2007 the reduction is only 0.081. That equates to almost no change in a decade.

Despite this lack of change in “climate” at the north pole the calamity of declining sea-ice continues to plague us. A non-issue parallel to the repeated rantings over sea-level rise – because they are connected don’t you know.

No, I’m not talking about Archimedes principle, I’m referring to the people insisting that the oceans are going to swallow the homes of coastal elites (who keep buying these properties anyway) if the rest of us don’t pitch in a few hundred billion annually to “save” them from their “short-sighted” real-estate investments.

Portsmouth New Hampshire is our local outlet for this retail fraud. These seacoast chicken-littles can’t get out of their own way on the issue and fawn over every bleak report from progressive groups like the Union of Concerned Scientists no matter how far-fetched.

Having found, no doubt, a wealthy liberal teat to milk, there will be no end to the predictions of an apocalyptic demise that will never come – as long as the donations keep coming.

Sea Level in the area has held to a very predictable post ice age rise of 1.76 mm per year. Nothing much to “sea” here either. But you can’t get lawmakers to force taxpayers to fund industries the Free Market sees as losers or the losers behind your liberal activism without fearmongering. So the seas are coming because the ice caps are going even though neither hyperbolic disaster film fantasy is true. And that’s not changing no matter how much of your money the left separates from your wallet.

My advice? If you shrink the number of Democrats in office you will see a lowering of taxes and a rise in the amount of income in your own pocket.

You don’t even need to call yourself a ‘scientist’ to know that is true.