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The Climate “Theocracy” Consensus in Portsmouth, NH

Al_Gore_Fire bannerThe sort of folks who rant about the coming right-wing theocracy break ideological bread with the fundamentalist-environmental movement which gets us right to the point. The Portsmouth City Council is aflutter over a “climate conference” at which, to their surprise, Bjorn Lomborg would be a participant.

Lomborg believes in Global warming, the man-made sort, but not enough. He’s something of a heretic to the faith depending on whom on the Portsmouth City Council you ask.

“I admit to being naive about this,” (Chris) Dwyer said. “It just didn’t cross my mind that it would be a debate between climate denial versus climate change. And that’s what I think citizens are concerned about.”

Dwyer singled out keynote speaker Bjorn Lomborg for criticism, describing him as a “sensationalist” and someone “making money from being a controversial speaker … and not being a scientist.”

That’s the perfect description of Al Gore.

Dwyer must think very little of him. And if we’re honest, we can add every Democrat politician in Congress including all of the ones from New Hampshire. They’ve all benefited financially or politically from sensationalist rhetoric, and none of them are scientists. Some of them are barely politicians.

Wait, it gets dumber.

(Nancy) Pearson described herself as “an educator” who “wholeheartedly believes in science.” “I would never have given my support … to a conference that debated science,” Pearson said. “I am no longer in support of the city formally supporting this conference.”

Two points here.

One – Lomborg is the former director of the Danish government’s Environmental Assessment Institute in Copenhagen. His controversial position is that the sorts of solutions most politicians and policymakers suggest for alleviating man-man global warming (including many who are “scientists” who know nothing about climate but presumably know how to write a grant proposal) are ineffective and a huge waste of resources. That their solutions will waste time and money that could be used more productively.

Two – if you can’t debate it, it’s not science. It’s faith, which–unless you are a militant fundamentalist–is still debatable. People of faith debate (in good faith) all the time. Pearson’s “science,” which is actually scientism, will not brook thinking outside the tiny box in which she keeps her worldview.

This means that, in the case of the Climate Cult, Pearson, as “an educator,” has abandoned education and science and arrived at a place where what she knows is Climate truth and there can be no other.

She’s got company.

Portsmouth is chock full of Climate Cultists, prattling on about sea-levels rising six feet and praying at the altar of the Union of Concerned Scientists which – ironically – is a political action group that began by opposing the Vietnam war but now winds folks up about energy and the environment.

Folks like councilor Josh Denton who believes the event organizer had the best of intentions until “he saw the list of speakers and heard from concerned residents about the conference and received information from the Union of Concerned Scientists about them.”

One climate denier in the lot. It’s Bjorn Lomborg, a guy who believes man-made CO2 is warming the planet. He’s the denier.

They’ve all lost their minds.