Quick Thought: Not so much "free market", eh Tom, when you want others to pay for "weeding your garden"? - Granite Grok

Quick Thought: Not so much “free market”, eh Tom, when you want others to pay for “weeding your garden”?

So, Tom Thomson (son of Gov. Thomson of “low spending yields low taxes” fame) who for years was the honorary chair of AFP-NH which argues for Free Markets, has decided to go the Full Monty and arguing that electric rate payers (that would be you and I) should pay for his timber to be cut (e.g., override the biomass vetoes by Gov Sununu on SB 446 and SB 365 which would promulgate the over $2 Billion overcharges to keep the North Country Biomass subsidies for electrical generation plants that turn crap wood into overpriced electricity).  Sure, Free Market until it comes to be “get me some” and have Government continue to institute a undeserved and mandated “tax” on the rest of us:

Tom Thomson, a timberland owner of 2,600 acres and the conservative son of former Gov. Mel Thomson, spoke at the event in favor of overriding the veto. “You have to weed your garden if you want healthy vegetables,” Thomson said. “It’s the same thing with forests.”

Hey, go weed your own dang garden, Tom, and leave my wallet alone.  If you have any intellectual honesty at all, stop privatizing your profits and socializing your risk.  You can’t find folks to buy your timber?  Too bad – that’s the risk of being in business: reward AND failure. To paraphrase the line in your Op-Ed in the Concord Monitor:

You stand for something or you stand for nothing.

You used to stand, proudly, with your “Axe the Tax” meme and prevent government fiscal overreach. Now, you’re only axing my wallet – for your benefit.  A bunch of statistics, the emotional plea about jobs, still doesn’t change a thing – you want someone else to pay your freight.  You want someone else to pay for your bottom line just like the biomass plants are crying for. Let me remind you – Free Markets are just that. Free from government coercion, free from crony capitalism, and free from subsidies arising from back door deals.  To see you demanding otherwise is a real big disappointment; where did your your principles go?

Now it’s just:

… you stand for nothing

Tom Thomson Ax the Tax

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