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Is Republican Terry Wolf a “Threat” to New Hampshire?

The congressional races get all the attention, but there are several “other” important primaries coming up. We’ve weighed in on a few including Jane Cormier in EC4 and Kevin Avard’s Pro-Peggy Gilmour Republican challenger. Another in need of your attention is State Senate District 9 between Dan Hynes and Terry Wolf. Dan and I have disagreements, but he isn’t a Democrat in sheep’s clothing.

That would (ironically) be Wolf.

A quick review of Terry’s ratings from around the state paint the picture.

Liberty Rating – C
AFP Scorecard – D
HRA Rating –  62.5%

Bad on the economy and regulation, not great on liberty, can barely vote the party platform more than half the time. I know, a perfect addition to the New Hampshire State Senate, right?

Compare those to Dan Hynes. A, A, 86.8. And Dan won the recent 603 Alliance Straw poll with 78% of the vote.

He would add a much-needed point of debate for fiscal conservativism, liberty, and less interference by the State.

As noted, I do disagree with Dan on a few things but I disagreed with the most recent State Senate on them as well, and they passed them anyway. While not my perfect candidate he adds significant value to a number of other issues that desperately need to be leveraged in a new direction within that body of the legislature.

It’s not an endorsement. I’m very stingy with those this year. This is a warning about Wolf. Terry has precisely the sort of voting record that New Hampshire’s donor class adores. A reliable moderate who will expand things like Medicaid, vote to gerrymander the tax code for connected insiders, while spending more of your money.

Don’t we have Democrats for that?

Live Free or Die can’t handle more of them. We need fewer and this is an opportunity to do that.

Conservatives and Conservatrains in Senate District 9 should vote for Dan Hynes in the September 11th Republican Primary.