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RU-486 Adds to Clinton Body Count

RU486 The Abortion pill -Religious conscience arguments winning in court against HHS mandateJudicial Watch has released details obtained from a Right to Know request regarding the approval process for RU-486, the morning after pill or chemical abortion pill and thousands of pages of FDA documents.

Back in 2006 Judicial Watch published a special report based on thousands of pages of FDA and National Archives documents showing the Clinton administration’s aggressive drive to thrust the abortion pill to the market in the United States despite warnings of its hazards. Judicial Watch uncovered that the abortion pill was fast-tracked under the “Accelerated Approval of New Drugs for Serious or Life-threatening Illnesses,” a measure that was adopted for use in rare cases to encourage the manufacture and importation of drugs designed to treat life-threatening diseases such as cancer or heart disease.

All abortions all the time. That’s the Democrat way. Even when it harms the women the Left claims to champion. So, what do they do next? Demand more access at lower prices!

In 2016 the FDA caved in to calls from liberals to make Mifeprex easier and cheaper to obtain and last year a powerful leftist group sued the federal government to make the drug more widely available. The change by the government two years ago increased the use of Mifeprex from 49 days of gestation to 70, slashed the recommended dose and cut the number of doctor visits.

And women are still dying.

The FDA summary table recently obtained by Judicial Watch shows that between 2000, when the agency approved Mifeprex, and 2017, the drug killed 22 women. Ninety-seven others had ectopic pregnancies, which can cause life-threatening bleeding, and 4,185 reported adverse effects from using the drug. More than 1,000 women were hospitalized after taking the abortion pill, 598 required blood transfusions and 411 suffered infections, some requiring hospitalization for two to three days.

Judicial Watch is expecting more documents, so the story is “…to be continued.”