Poo Flinging Monkeys in Masks “Attack” Jewish Immigrant For Supporting Trump

poo flingingIn the Left’s new world order you are not allowed to disagree with progressive doctrine even if you are a Jewish immigrant of 30 years who creates jobs that employ immigrants.

Asher Shalom is a legal immigrant from Israel and businessman who employs many immigrants. He recently opened a new cafe in the Boyle Heights area of Los Angeles. Locals and the business community were welcoming until it became known that Shalom had shared something on social media which showed support for Trump’s immigration policies.

Tolerance and diversity except for Trump.

Residents of a rapidly gentrifying enclave of Los Angeles tried to shut down the grand opening of a new coffee shop, saying the owner’s support of President Donald Trump’s stance on immigrants is reason alone to want him out of the neighborhood.

Immigrants bad, illegal immigrants good?

“It was very scary,” said Shalom’s daughter Yael. “There was a lot of people protesting outside wearing masks […] and they threw a significant amount of feces at our windows.”

I make jokes about the progressive poo flying monkeys, but this is no joke. Masked antifa-esque ninja warriors tossing poo at a Jewish immigrant.

That’s not antisemitic?

Not if you support an immigration policy that controls who comes into the country.

Oh, and not if you disagree with them about anything else regardless of your immigration status.

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