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Iran: Where Obama Appeased Trump Brings the Pain

Iran-Map-22-620x350Here’s something you probably missed in your diet of Cable News, if you can even stomach that stuff. Since Trump dumped the Iran deal and introduced sanctions, Iranian currency has lost 40% of its value.

The rial has lost 40 per cent of its value since last month, when President Donald Trump pulled out of Iran’s 2015 nuclear accord and announced draconian sanctions on Tehran.

These include an attempt to shut down the international sale of Iranian oil, Tehran’s main source of revenue, a threat that has cast a chill over the economy.

John Hinderaker at Powerline also shares news from Reuters that,

Mounting pressure from the Trump administration combined with discontent among many Iranians at the state of the economy are rattling the Islamic Republic, with little sign that its leaders have the answers, officials and analysts say.

Shopkeepers protested for three days. That transformed into a political protest. Put simply; the people are getting restless with their supreme leaders.

Demonstrations against the regime continue in various cities around Iran. Reuters says that “analysts and insiders” expect the mullahs to weather the storm. Likely so, for now. But tyrannical regimes generally appear secure until the day comes, to the surprise of analysts and insiders, when the seemingly solid edifice crumbles, often with stunning rapidity. 

Think about this. Not very long ago Iran was at the forefront of a movement to end the US dollar’s reign as the global oil-currency. Mr. Obama colluded with the world’s leading sponsors of global terror in search of a regional ally against the interests of every other ally we’ve ever had in the Middle East.

Along comes Donald Trump who with the flip of his hair shuts Iran down using that US Dollar and American leverage against anyone who thinks they might continue doing business with our biggest enemy after the modern Democrat Party.

Already French companies Total and Peugeot, for example, have said they will pull out of Iran rather than risk being shut out of the U.S. financial system, as Washington threatens to use the dollar’s reserve currency status to punish anyone who gets in the way of its ramped-up Iran policy.

Barrack Hussein broke the vault open for Iran and her tyrants with a few unenforceable caveats as so-called safeguards labeled as The Iran Deal™. A Deal our allies liked because they (most likely) were making money on it. Or maybe it just made them look appealing for the next election.

Trump doesn’t care. He (rightly) sees the ‘Death to America’ cult, whether it’s getting nukes (or just financing regular sorts of terror) as a threat to the U.S., the parts of the Middle East where we have some influence, and (well, frankly) the rest of the world.

If the Iranian people can find a way to get the job done let them do it. If putting pressure on the Mullah’s makes it happen faster then speed it up.

That also means keeping the appeasement monkey’s on the left out of power as long as possible.