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Female Student Could Get 6 Years in Prison for Falsely Reporting a Rape

Pro-rape Democrats and sexual-assaultSacred Heart University dismissed two football players from the team and rescinded their scholarships (essentially expelling them) without any due process based solely on an accusation of rape without due process.

The alleged victim lied and is charged with falsely reporting an incident and “tampering with or fabricating physical evidence””

Nikki Yovino, now 20, now faces up to six years in prison if convicted of both felony and misdemeanor charges.

Police said that three months after reporting she was raped by two football players in a bathroom at a party, she admitted to the same motivation that drove Jackie Coakley to falsely report being gang-raped at a University of Virginia fraternity.

She wanted attention, and now she’s got it.

It was “inconsistencies in her original statement” that led a detective to interview Yovino again, where she dropped her claim that the sex was nonconsensual. The football players said the sex was consensual, and a witness overheard Yovino telling the players she wanted to have sex with them.

If you recall, New Hampshire House Rep. Robert “Renny” Cushing proposed a bill in 2014 that would force every college in the state to submit draconian consent rules for sex on campus and enforce them. Failure to do so could result in loss of funds or certifications, you naughty little devils.

The bill, crafted after similar legislation in California, is precisely the sort of thing that promotes the sinister behavior undertaken at Sacred Heart. Not that most of these socialist re-education camps “universities” need the encouragement.

Under the “trauma informed” investigations adopted by many colleges and some police departments, Yovino’s alleged false claims would not have been revealed.

A girl comes on to a guy(s), has sex with them, and later decides after to claim there was no consent or that somewhere along “the way” she changed her mind. The standard university protocol might expel the guy(s) and subject them to ruinous public pillorying that could ruin family, friendships, future relationships, their education, careers, and more without any actual investigation.

There are more than a few things wrong with this not the least of which is weaponizing relationships and putting women at risk for actual rape.

In this instance, the perp (that’s the girl accused of lying) could suffer real consequences, which might send a message to others. Using sex as a weapon to destroy people (falsely accusing them of rape) is a different sort of rape. It’s not rape-rape, to borrow a bit of Goldbergian Whoopiness but it can be destructive on almost every level of a person’s life.

How about we just choose not to be like that? Be genuine. If you both consent throughout, and someone feels slighted afterward (or maybe the sex is lousy), it doesn’t give you the right to ruin their lives, no matter what sex you think you are or think you had.

If you want to be treated like adults? Try acting like them.

Wait. What does that even mean anymore?

I guess we’re all screwed.