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NH Forest Rangers Want to Check Your Wood

campfirePeople who pay attention to such things are predicting a record Memorial Day Weekend for tourism in New Hampshire. Not that this is anything new. The Granite State has experienced year after year of tourism growth in contradiction to more than a decade of fearmongering by Climate Cultists that global warming would ruin the industry.

So, a note to the undeterred tourists. If you plan to bring your campfire “supplies,” New Hampshire forest rangers want to check out your wood.

Visitors are not allowed to bring firewood in from out of state.

Rangers are searching for logs made from ash trees, which can carry the invasive emerald ash borer.

Rangers said the best advice for those who need firewood is to buy it where they burn it.

This WMUR report sounds like a protectionist scam, like the prohibition against bringing your own food and drink to a movie theater. If only it were that simple.

It’s all about saving your Ash. Ash trees, I mean. The Ash Borer Beetle is not native to North America, so the trees never evolved to address the threat. And not to go all Lorax on you but left unchecked these little bastards can wipe out the species.

We wouldn’t want that.

Everyone likes a nice piece of Ash now and again. It’s great for tool handles, tables, ax-handles, baseball bats, furniture, and unlike liberals it is resilient. It doesn’t snap under pressure.

We like the Ash we’ve got, and we want to keep it. (Does this forest make my Ash look fat?)

So, when you come up here to spend your money (which we also like) bring a few bucks to buy local firewood. Or, if you have to bring your own don’t be a pain in the Ash. Make sure to stop and let the Rangers check your wood.