Media Face-palm - Blames Trump for Pics of Kids In Cages...from Obama Era - Granite Grok

Media Face-palm – Blames Trump for Pics of Kids In Cages…from Obama Era

Obama-middle-finger-725x375The media went nutty (as I expect did the Never-Trumpers) over photos of children in cages attributed to Mr. Trump’s border enforcement but the images were taken…during the Obama administration.

The photos appeared in the Arizona Republic in 2014 during former President Barack Obama’s second term to illustrate the over 1,000 children detained by authorities trying to cross the border. Mr. Obama’s former speech writer Jon Favreau also tweeted out the pictures saying this is “happening right now” and the government needs to be forced to put families back together. He has since deleted the tweet.

I’ve not yet dug into who started this but they deserve a round of applause for punking a media who are so biased they’ll believe anything anyone tells them if it might make Mr. Trump look bad.

And if they were a rabid Democrat with TDS, then line them up next to David Hogg or Michael Avenatti.