But WAIT! WAIT! Jan Schmidt - there is no NRA in Australia! - Granite Grok

But WAIT! WAIT! Jan Schmidt – there is no NRA in Australia!

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“According to the AP, this could be the worst mass killing that Australia has seen in 22 years.

Ah yes, the Progressives/anti-Constitution folks just can’t live up to their own words of “tolerance” and “inclusion” when it comes to others, not of their own mind. Especially with Obama’s bitter clingers to their Bibles and their guns gaffe. They merrily go along, logic-free, saying that if you were to take away everyone’s guns, all the killing sprees would go away.  Humpf – like they did here?


The last mass killing of such a caliber occurred in 1996 when a lone killer massacred 35 people and injured 18 more in Port Arthur, Tasmania.

Much tougher gun laws were enacted as a result of the horrific 1996 mass killing, as well as a near-ban on automatic and semiautomatic weapons. Additionally, the Australian government bought back or confiscated about 1 million firearms.


Seven people were discovered dead on Friday in a mass murder in Australia, according to The Associated Press…“It appears that gunshot wounds are there, but I don’t want to go further than that.”

I mean no disrespect to the murdered but Progressives, with their “the personal is political, the political is the personal,” have shoved everything into the political realm.  Including death when it serves their political purposes and agenda.  So what can they say now when their designated “hate them all” group doesn’t exist?

So, Jan Schmidt – who is the Australian domestic terrorist group?