"a bridge too far" - Granite Grok

“a bridge too far”

Transgender bathroomBy Jeff Chidester

“Republican Gov. Chris Sununu said he will sign the recently passed bill” – The public accommodation provision (of HB1319) was a bridge too far for me and many others. Shame on those that could not support a commonsense measure that would have respected the right of privacy. This is not about equality, but a capitulation to stupidity.

I won’t bother reexplaining my position, should it matter you can refer to an article I wrote. If you are a running for office, please do not bother asking for my support, vote, or endorsement, unless you have made a public statement against this idiocy. If you are a candidate running for office who has already received my endorsement, please make a public statement condemning this folly, or consider my endorsement withdrawn.

For those people employed or aligned with those in office or running for office who supported this sort of legislation, especially those I know personal to have been opposed to this nonsense in the past, but now find themselves supporting the advancement of this measure, all for the sake of a paycheck. You are now nothing more than political hacks. Neither worthy of my time nor the faith I once placed in you.

There are only a few key issues that bring me to make a public statement such as this one, this is one of them. I won’t make idle threats or make promises I can’t keep. My opinion matters very little in the long run. Contrary to those Republicans that voted for this perversion of rational thought, I am humble enough to know that in the larger understanding of our being, my opinions matter very little to them.

What difference does it make when Republicans vote for this nonsense; certainly not my vote.

(H/T: Facebook, emphasis by The Editors)