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420 Protesters Troll Gun Grabbers in Concord, New Hampshire

420 counter rally Move to Massachusetts

The Libertarians recently had the pleasure of sharing “protesting space” with Teacher’s Union organizers at the New Hampshire State House. The Big Money Union shindig was a shill for the Democrat-Socialist gun-grabbing narrative. The 420 folks were there to smoke weed and punk the Union hacks whose solution to just about everything is more government control over law-abiding citizens. Which is really weird in this context. Their motivation for applying more of that control is Parkland which only happened because of the epic failure of blessed government at every level.

You’d like to think that “teachers” have more capacity to learn but to the assembled, it seems that the progressive carapace prevents the penetration of any evidence that contradicts the agenda.

Free Keene has a slew of videos from their event, but here’s the one they’ve title ‘Libertarians Troll Gun Control Rally.’

And no, the feds didn’t show up to arrest armed pot-smokers which would have also made for some interesting video, but we’ve got this so sit back, and enjoy.