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Still No Mention of $4.2 Million in New Payroll Costs to Run FMLI

Staffing costs HB628As the New Hampshire Senate prepares to vote (down) HB628 the effort to hide the purposeful expansion of government under cover of a lousy Family Medical Leave Insurance “plan” goes unreported.

WMUR had an opportunity here but “opted out” which, by the way, is a lot easier when it comes to reporting on HB628 than it is if you try to avoid the tax on your payroll.

The program, if it were to survive the Senate and a likely veto would take at least 30 months to implement (read the notes). That means roughly three years before the new costs, the new government office of payroll deduction and redistribution (inside the Dept. of Employment Security), and all those new state employees (who are exempt from the reach of HB628) can properly pilfer your paycheck by legislative writ.

A program Democrats say is not insolvent even though by the time it goes into force will have cost taxpayers $21 Million (low end) to get us to year one of actual coverage. And then an annual (estimated) sum of $6.3 million a year (never to be lower than any previous year), most of which is overhead, without having any idea how many employed persons (none of who will be state employees) will pay in to fund this before taxpayers who are not in the program at all have to pay to prop it up.

No one has a clue what the program will bring in or payout. None.

Republicans who question the solvency (see also, demonstrate a sliver of interest in how it exposes taxpayer/bystanders to fiscal collateral damage) get pilloried by Democrats who don’t care.

But Democrats don’t know either. They’ve no idea. But they don’t care if it pays for itself or if they need to milk the state cow (that’s us) to fill in the hole. They don’t care because they want to add dozens of new state employees and another $4.2 million in payroll (never to be lower than any previous year) on to your back to institutionalize the taxing infrastructure HB628 creates.

HB628 could be an ACT to provide widgets to midgets or penises to trans-women (which would be redundant because they already have a bill to make taxpayers fund that). Family Medical Leave sounds a bit more main-stream, not that they even give a damn about providing that. At the first serious objection to their sleeper-cell/income tax mole, the so-called party of the people cut the amount of time you could collect the benefit in half.

Sure it’s for families!

Bulls**t. HB628 is legislation to expand government with a tax trap meant to finance more spending and higher taxes.

Democrats want the 40+ new state employees (a number that will never go down feeding off a budget that can only grow) and the mechanism to tax income when future budgets are deliberately written for which ‘revenue fails to meet estimates.’

Democrats admit they are running to raise taxes. They will take more of your money. And the first chance they get they will massively over estimate revenues to justify spending and when revenues fall short (because that is the point) they will have a new way, thanks to HB628, to find more revenue.

It just need a bit of fixing, is all.

Even if you are unwilling or unable to believe that, HB628 is a lousy bill  that is built to fail. It will take at least three years to deploy at which time it will remit a pittance (Nancy Pelois would call it crumbs) under cover of a benefit that benefits no one but tax and spenders in government looking for a future mechanism to tax you so that they can spend your money on their priorities – because at the root of it all, to them your prioties are dumb and so are you.