Senate Hearing for Gender Identity Bill, HB 1319: Monday, April 16, 1:30 p.m. - Granite Grok

Senate Hearing for Gender Identity Bill, HB 1319: Monday, April 16, 1:30 p.m.

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Important Reminders!
Gender Identity Bill Hearing Tomorrow, Monday, April 16

Tell Your Senator to Vote No on Therapy Ban Bill
Senate Hearing for Gender Identity Bill, HB 1319: Monday, April 16, 1:30 p.m.

Supporters of “gender identity” policy are deeply committed to passing HB 1319, a flawed and dangerous bill. Your presence at Monday’s hearing in opposition to the bill will be important, even if you do not testify aloud. The hearing is scheduled to be in room 100 of the State House.

Anyone may attend the hearing and register an opinion without speaking, by signing the sheet that will be just inside the hearing room. The heading will be “HB 1319,” and you may sign your name and check off that you OPPOSE the bill. Allow extra time to find parking near the State House – and carpool, if possible!

If you plan to testify at the hearing in opposition to the bill, please email us at

If you can’t attend the hearing, please email the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Your brief courteous message requesting a NO vote on HB 1319 might be the one to make a difference in a senator’s vote.

Members of Judiciary Committee:
Sen. Sharon Carson,
Sen. Bette Lasky,
Sen. Harold French,
Sen. William Gannon (email goes to his legislative aide):
Sen. Martha Hennessey:

Cornerstone has resources for you to use as you fight for fairness and against HB 1319:
HB 1319 and Your Privacy: Beyond Bathrooms
The Impact of HB 1319 on Privacy: An Analysis in Light of New Hampshire Law
10 Reasons Why HB 1319 is Anti-Liberty
Videos from Cornerstone’s Gender Identity Forum, featuring Rene Jax, reflecting on 40 years of living transgender; David Pickup, with a therapist’s view of gender identity laws; and Stephanie Curry, an attorney familiar with the practical effects of gender identity laws.

Senate to Vote on Therapy Ban on Thursday, April 19; Tell Your Senator to Vote NO

Please contact your state senator and urge a NO vote (“inexpedient to legislate”) on ANY version of HB 587, the therapy ban bill. The Senate will vote this Thursday, April 19.

Find your senator’s name and contact information here.

Following the committee hearing on the bill, the Senate Health and Human Services Committee recommended an amended version. Clearly, the committee majority was concerned by the testimony of the licensed professionals who opposed the bill. While we recognize the good intentions of the senators who proposed the amendment, Cornerstone remains opposed to HB 587. The bill would have a chilling effect on open therapeutic communication between a licensed therapist and a minor dealing with unwanted gender dysphoria or same-sex attraction.