Criminals for Students for "Safe Schools" - Granite Grok

Criminals for Students for “Safe Schools”

Crime SceneIf you have any doubts about whether criminals support efforts by progressives to get students to disarm law-abiding citizens then let me help. Street thugs, muggers, rapists, Gangs, and crime syndicates (including the ones pretending to be from the government), are all for a force monopoly that favors their endeavors.

They are all advocates of gun-free zones, smaller magazines, bans on various styles of weapons, taxes on ammunition, all of it because none of these is a prohibition on them. They never intended to follow the law and will continue to subvert it no matter what laws we write.

So yeah, they support teen-activists pimping the socialist-Democrat disarmament agenda. It makes the job of robbing you of your lives and livelihoods that much easier.