Before 2018 Becomes the "Newest" Warmest Year Ever... - Granite Grok

Before 2018 Becomes the “Newest” Warmest Year Ever…

Al_Gore_Fire bannerSpring is coming, followed by another summer, a time when it will probably be the hottest…it has been all year. And with that “heat” the hyperbolic declarations on Mann-Made warming–which is not to be confused with the Mann-Made cooling, bitter cold, and snow.

No matter how cold it gets, it’s always about warming. No one every says (insert year) was the coldest on record, because of Western privilege, CO2, blah, blah, blah. It’s always the warmest.

So with that in mind, let’s revisit something I wrote in 2016 that sums it all up.

In the progressive climate utopia, as with all progressive utopias, you are not permitted to question the governments anointed experts or their motivations. That’s not your job. Your job is to avoid phonics, do math with your emotions, and clap when Bernie says “free college tuition,” no questions asked.

Moving forward means never looking back, and this is of particular relevance when talking about the warmest whatever ever. Stick to the approved forms of communication. Do not question the data.

The experts in the Climate Cult will “call it in” to a willing media, and you will consume it. “Scientists report hottest Tuesday on record.” What you are not supposed to know is that it is the hottest Tuesday on record…since last Wednesday.

Plenty more here, plus pictures and graphs that will mean nothing to the Climate Cult because nothing matters except the narrative.