Warmest Whatever Ever...or Something. - Granite Grok

Warmest Whatever Ever…or Something.


If you spend as much as five minutes outside the protective climate-narrative-controlled bubble, you’ll find more than a few things that make you go hmmm. Weird things, like how more CO2 greens the earth. That the cute little Polar bears, who will kill you and eat you, are doing fine. And no, this is not the warmest whatever ever because ever is a really long time and the science still has their own records to prove it, for now.

But, records schmecords, the Climate cult says. We’re the experts, and we’ll tell you what they really mean, even if it means re ‘meaning’ them. Sure, they were their records. Yes, we were supposed to believe they knew what they were doing then, just like we are supposed to believe they know what they are doing now. But that was then, and this is now, and now comes with bigger grants if we make the science right with the policy agenda.

In the progressive climate utopia, as with all progressive utopias, you are not permitted to question the governments anointed experts or their motivations. That’s not your job. Your job is to avoid phonics, do math with your emotions, and clap when Bernie says “free college tuition,” no questions asked.

Moving forward means never looking back, and this is of particular relevance when talking about the warmest whatever ever. Stick to the approved forms of communication. Do not question the data.

The experts in the Climate Cult will “call it in” to a willing media, and you will consume it. “Scientists report hottest Tuesday on record.” What you are not supposed to know is that it is the hottest Tuesday on record…since last Wednesday.

If they can go back a month of Tuesdays, that’s better, but they can’t go too far, and they certainly can’t go as far back as the data can take them, because that will make this Tuesday look cold compared to a Tuesday a few hundred or even a few hundred thousand years ago when selfish, SUV driving, incandescent bulb-hoarding right-wing climate deniers weren’t roaming the earth.

That much truth is bad for the scam.

They need blame to feed guilt. They need guilt to get people to put up with paying more. If you aren’t convinced that it is your fault you might get mad about the hundreds of billions the government wastes on green energy boondoggles run by friends and family.

So it’s the warmest whatever ever no matter what. Except that ever is a long time and while it might be warmer than last Tuesday, or maybe they are just saying that it is, it’s not because of you, your SUV, your incandescent light bulbs, your first world problems, American exceptionalism, prosperity, white privilege, or anything else. It’s warmer than when it was colder because that’s what happens and it will happen again because it always gets colder again.

According to the Atlantic ice core record, things today are a bit cool compared to 410,000 years ago, 325,000 years ago, 230,000 years ago, 125,000 years ago, all without you or your obsession with big cars, large houses, and modern conveniences.


Notice the annoying, symmetry of the earth’s temperature record without us and then with us, over the past 500,000 years. Without getting hung up on how much warmer it used to be what does this graph suggest? It suggests that there are forces at work in the universe that have a significantly greater impact on the temperature of the globe than you, your SUV, or your hoard of incandescent light-bulbs.

Here’s another look, this time over the past 10,000 years, comparable to the tiny bit to the far right in the graph above.


Not much to write home about. An ice age ended, and it got warmer but not warmer than those warming periods that preceded it, and not even as warm. The current temperatures are well within the historical norm.

But the experts need you to believe that “this time” it is the warmest recorded whatever ever without end. Now is different. You are here with your motor car and your urban heat islands, industry, and prosperity. If you do not consent to give them the power to engage in massive confiscations of property, property they will control and direct (so far to their own friends, family, supporters, and advocates), the planet will not do what it has been doing for the past 500,000 years or more.

None of that earlier science matters. Ice cores, surface temperatures, and satellite records are right or wrong based entirely on whether they support man-made global warming theory.

Being on a world some 4.543 billion or so years old is irrelevant–unless we’re talking religious history in which case it is proof that religion is bunk–because for the purposes of proving man-made global warming you need only pay attention to what they tell you the recent years portend. In global warming terms the earth is really only a few hundred years old, if that, subject to an extension when they finish adjusting the “historical record” to reinforce a more immediate need for even greater property confiscations by the government for the benefit of their friends and families and supporters and scientific advocates the planet.

And no, CO2 has not done any of the horrible things they claimed, just as none of that property confiscation will actually have any impact on the warming and cooling of the planet. But it will make a few people very rich and very powerful and the rest of us very uncomfortable.