Fusion GPS – Traitors

Russia Russia RussiaLike most of the fake news generated to destroy President Trump and anyone around him – there is a “blood spatter” problem with the attempted character assassination. Each time the Swamp, leakers, and the Media take on a fake narrative, they pay the price in their own shredded credibility.

Enter Fusion GPS the opposition research firm guarding progressive Democrat secrets and ginning up fake dossiers about Russian hookers.

If anyone has a Russian problem, it is the Democrat Party and the Clinton crime syndicate.

Fusion GPS was on the payroll of “Natasha” the alleged Russian government agent who was in the US per her good friend Obama – probably illegally. But then, what else would you expect from the gang that couldn’t prosecute political opponents properly.

The next few weeks should be interesting.

Progressive Democrats and talking heads are going to have to full tilt boogie – defend “Natasha the Russian Agent.” There goes the mojo out of another credible lie!

Gateway Pundit has evidence of “Natasha the KGB Agent” hanging with Obama’s Ambassador to Russia at a Congressional Hearing days after the fateful Donald Jr. meeting. You don’t get into those hearings and parked in the front row without help. This whole attempt to charge anyone named Trump with treason has an Obama/Clinton stench all over it.

And there is another smell around DC. It seems “Natasha” was in US Senator John McCain’s office. Photos prove it. Nice!

Our favorite camera hog and defeated Presidential candidate, who when he wasn’t never-Trumping himself to anyone who still listens, was shopping the “Dodgy Dossier.” That dossier would be the phony opposition research the Russians, Natasha, and Fusion GPS were involved in. The same one Comey tried to intimidate the newly elected President with.

Before he met with Natasha, Donald Junior had no shred of proof Natasha or anyone else had anything from the Russian government to give him. He had juicy hearsay in an email. Had he confirmed anything about Natasha having anything from the Russian Government, or an agent thereof, the media, the Swamp, and all the other Trump haters might have a case to pound in what is left of the 24/7 news cycle. But they don’t. The proverbial can of worms has spilled into the right laps once again.

Fusion GPS, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, the media, Comey, and Democrat talking heads have some explaining to do.

Anyone but me notice how the “Ethics Lawyer” (like that is a real thing) from the Bush Admin., looks like he came out of a Clutch Cargo cartoon?