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What Happened to Dartmouth’s Pretendian?

In October of 2015, Dartmouth College had to make a change after getting caught with their little Social Justice Warrior pants around their politically correct ankles. They appointed (ethnomusicologist) Susan Taffe Reed as director of their Native American Program on the basis of her affiliation with the Eastern Delaware Nations a non-profit (as it turns out having nothing to do with actual Native Americans) and her ethnoknowledge of Native American music.

Real “natives” and the SJW’s had a nutter and Taffe-Reed was “stepped down” not because she was unqualified but because the chatter was too much of a distraction. When I wrote about the original circus, I noted that She will be rewarded with some other high paying job at the college. It turns out she was.

(Dart Blog) The College’s Pretendian has surfaced. Despite the fact that she has no experience in counseling students, the College decided to dispense with the usual competitive search and appoint Susan Taffe Reed — she is trained as an ethnomusicologist — as an undergraduate Dean tasked with counseling freshmen.

I don’t have a timeline, but she assumed that position in December of 2015  and is still an Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Students. But good luck finding that on her LinkedIn profile. There is no mention of Dartmouth College whatsoever which is odd because if you google ‘Susan Taffe Reed, you get swarmed with links about the “fake Indian” “distraction” thing forcing her to step down from the Native American Program.

But to my point. Undergraduate Dean is a job with a lot more distinction, and probably a lot more money.

Another White Tower Liberal rewarded for lying.

Higher Education at its finest.