Data Point - The Left is always yammering that only cops should have guns: they're trained! - Granite Grok

Data Point – The Left is always yammering that only cops should have guns: they’re trained!

NH Assoc of Chiefs of PoliceWell, we certainly know that the NH Association of Chiefs of Police (don’t they look so grand?) are on the side of civilian disarmament.  The dirty little secret is that even with all of the training that the Left keeps jamming down our throats, sometimes they aren’t that much better than civilians.  Or can be much worse:

San Bernardino Terrorist Attack: Cops Had 10 Percent Hit Rate

San Bernardino County employee Syed Rizwan Farook was hit by at least 27 gunshots while his wife was struck by at least 15 — two to the top of the head — as officers fired about 440 rounds from rifles, shotguns and handguns — which the report found were proper uses of deadly force in self-defense and the defense of others.

The couple, who killed 14 people — including 13 of Farook’s coworkers — and shot 22 of the 57 survivors, fired about 80 rifle rounds and one handgun round at officers, according to the report.

Look, I’m not looking to disparage police in general – most regular beat cops like the idea that there are Good Guys with guns out here that obey the law and do the right thing (like saving their butts when they are getting ragdolled as I’ve blogged about before).  But remember, there are a lot of civilian gun owners that practice a LOT more than cops do and train for things like this (check out the IDPA, for one).

But really, 10% is nothing to write home about. Yes, different circumstances and adrenaline pumping; a running gun battle versus a shooting gallery (the “journalist” seemed to be trying to make a comparison – a real bad one).  But 10%?  Ask yourself one question:

Where did the OTHER police fired rounds go?

And were the police mindful of what most of us get drilled into us – “Don’t shoot if you don’t know what is down range on the other side of your target”?

(H/T: The Truth About Guns)