Will Progressives hold themselves accountable for the results of their wage policies? - Granite Grok

Will Progressives hold themselves accountable for the results of their wage policies?

Pfft – silly question, folks!  Just ask Timothy Horrigan (more on him in another post) – HECK no.  Never do.  Not just in wage policies but ANY policy that comes up.  Like HeadStart – billions have been spent on it and even HHS’s own study of HeadStart showed it was a loser – unless it was to employ more unionized Democrat teachers and provide free daycare.

So, will uber-Progressive / Democrat Gov. Cuomo (and the Progressive pack in the NY legislature that approved this nonsense) stand up, wave their hands and go “Yes, we did it and we screwed up” over their latest minimum wage fiasco-now-in-making?

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SUNY College Fires Cafeteria Workers for Food Dispensing Machines

The entire cafeteria staff will be laid off at an upstate New York community college and replaced with food-dispensing machines.  The Times Herald-Record of Middletown reports nine full-time and three part-time workers will be laid off after the spring semester at the State University of New York’s Orange County Community College.

In an email sent to students, the executive director of the Orange County Community College Association says the change follows last year’s deficit of more than $150,000 in food-service operations. Students say they’ll miss the fresh food served by staff members who know their faces.

Now, could food costs be part of it?  Sure – but not mentioned in the piece.  However, the tipoff is putting in “Food Dispensing Machines”.  Voila!  The College just outsourced not just the wage costs but all of the overhead labor costs as well.

Gee, a college in a Progressive system overseen by Gov. Cuomo just made it clear that a Progressive Government, even the one in which you are a part of, can’t repeal the basic laws of Economics.  Artificially raise the cost of an industry and there will be consequences.  In this case, it wasn’t the case where SOME workers get the boot but some DO get the raises.  Instead, they ALL got the boot and replaced by….drum roll please!…..machines.  Yep, Progressive Gov. Chris “it’s for the workers” Cuomo decided that his own policy was too rich for his own administration and brought in automation.

To my original question?

Er, the answer is NO.  It’s all about “intentions” or “feelings”.  It is never about gaming it out to see if there any probability of invoking the Law of Unintended Consequences.  It is never about checking back in and see if the changes have had adverse effects on those that it was supposed to help.  It is never about even checking – after all, all good things come from Government, right?

(H/T: Michelle Malkin)