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Zandra Rice-Hawkins – leaving out the truth again.

holstered-gun1A deliberate lie by omission, IMHO.  Here in NH, SB 12 (e.g., “Constitutional Carry”) is an anti-discriminatory law that would allow LAW ABIDING citizens, to lawfully conceal a firearm without the obligatory “Nanny Government, may I?”. Eleven States already have this in place – they TRUST their LAW ABIDING citizens to be responsible.  Vermont does, Maine now does – and none of those states have “rivers of blood” that the Statists have screamed and cried about over the years.  Heck, Vermont has been one of the safest States in the nation with its Constitutional Carry for, well, forever.

But there are those that have the mindset that ONLY Government can make the right decisions and that the current discriminatory law (enacted back in the 1930s to intentionally keep women, immigrants, and minorities from having firearms).  Like Zandra Rice-Hawkins (or as we affectionately call her, Zandra Rice-Crispies – you know, a shell on the outside and hollow on the inside) of Granite State Progress (the hard Progressive / Socialist group funded by out-of-state millionaires).  So, we KNOW she discriminates against her own gender (re: “God made men, but Sam Colt made them equal”) with this:

“New Hampshire is opening the door to allow dangerous individuals with a track record of violence to legally carry hidden, loaded weapons,” said Zandra Rice Hawkins, executive director of Granite State Progress.

Really, Zandra? You have to stoop this low in lying to make a point.

Can’t tell the entire truth, eh Zandra?  Easy to leave out the important bits to Keep The Man in charge (re: Zandra never met a Government law or regulation she didn’t fall in thrall with – unless it is devolving power from Government and letting people making their decisions without Government)

You lied, Zandra, outright lied. Tell me, Zandra “dangerous individuals with a track record of violence” are mostly felons, right?  They’ve been convicted.  They aren’t LAW ABIDING, are they?  They CAN’T legally possess firearms, can they?  Even if SB12 passes and is signed into law, these criminals aren’t supposed to have firearms in the first place, are they?

But you already know that, don’t you Zandra Rice-Crispies?  You know that the current discriminatory law KEEPS some LAW ABIDING citizens from getting their NH revolver/pistol permits that allow them to conceal carry – we here at the ‘Grok have documented some of them.

Just admit it, Zandra, you hate Liberty, and you hate guns – you believe in your heart of hearts that only Government should have elements of force and that no one should have guns and you’ll do anything to slow that Liberty path down.  Including LAW ABIDING (yeah, just repeating over and over the words that can never pass Zandra’s Statist lips) citizens.  Who, by the way as an aggregate group, are MORE law abiding than police.

So, in how many other issues do you lie, Zandra Rice-Hawkins of the lying Granite State Progress?  Why do you hate Constitutional Rights, Zandra?