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More, you say? Nay, say I!


The Arizona State Board of Cosmetology is investigating Juan Carlos Montesdeoca after receiving complaints that he was cutting hair without a license, Tucson News Now reported Monday. According to the complaint, which Montesdeoca shared with the TV station, the board received an anonymous complaint alleging that Montesdeoca was “requesting local businesses and local stylists to help out with free haircuts (unlicensed individuals) to the homeless.

Montesdeoca gave the free haircuts on January 28 at the library in downtown Tucson. He organized the event through a Facebook group and solicited help from volunteers. He did it “out of the kindness of my heart,” and in memory of his mother, who loved her hair, he told Tucson News Now.

But he forgot to get permission from the state—or, rather, from the cosmetologists who apparently view his act of charity as a form of unwanted competition.


In the coming weeks, the governor of New Hampshire will nominate various New Hampshire citizens to serve on any of the 300-plus state boards or commissions. As your executive councilor I would like to hear from you if you would like to serve on some of these state boards or commissions. Having North Country and Lakes Region citizens serving on these state boards or commissions are critical to having your voices heard on many important topics in state government.

A list of these state boards and commissions can be found at The type of openings can range from the Board of Licensed Dietitians to a Water Treatment Plant Advisory Committee. If interested, please send a letter of interest along with a resume, to Meagan Rose in the Governor’s Office (271-8787) and a copy to Executive Councilor Kenney, State House, Room 207, 107 North Main Street, Concord, NH 03301 (271-3632).

Remember, the Executive Council welcomes public input on state board and commission nominations that are brought forward by the governor for consideration and confirmation. As a your councilor, we are trying to fit the best people with the right talents for each state board and commission.

I look forward hearing from you.

Joseph D. Kenney
Executive Councilor District 1

Really, over 300?  For a population of 1.3 million NH residents?  WHY do we need that many?  And who, Executive Councilor Kenny, is providing actual oversight over them, the regulations that they promulgate, the cost of those regulations, and what is the economic strangling effect of them?

I hesitate to recommend a “Committee of the Committees” a la “who watches the watchmen?” as I don’t want to create yet another level of government bureaucracy, but who IS responsible for their actions?  Or is it the case that once set in motion, they just go on forever – regardless if they continue to follow their original mission?

No, Mr. Kenney, we shouldn’t be recruiting MORE people – we should be LESSENING the number of these Boards and Commissions.  Instead, how about refolding these unofficial micro-targeted “legislatures/executives” back to where they belong?