"17 Vermont towns report illegal absentee ballot requests from Democratic Party" - Granite Grok

“17 Vermont towns report illegal absentee ballot requests from Democratic Party”

voterfraudAnd yet, the Democrat Party keeps insisting that there is NO such thing as Voter Fraud??

Clerks across eight counties are reporting that the Vermont Democratic Party submitted unauthorized absentee ballot requests for the general election — an illegal act under Vermont election laws. While the Secretary of State’s office doesn’t keep a record of unauthorized ballot requests, Watchdog’s calls to 17 town clerks found that the VDP made 115 requests for absentee ballots without voters’ approval.

The number of unauthorized requests may be much higher since Vermont has 237 towns and nine cities, and because unauthorized requests are discovered only when voters report the suspicious activity to local clerks. As reported by Vermont Watchdog, multiple campaigns requested absentee ballots for voters without permission. Third parties, such as political campaigns, are allowed to request absentee ballots, but only with voters’ approval.

I guess when Republicans insist that only those people that should be allowed to vote is called voter suppression; is voter fraud by official Democrat Party is just voter enhancement?

(H/T: Liberty Unyielding)