Republicans acting like hedonistic Democrats – again?

rudy-giulianiSigh….and oy vay. No, Rudy, not EVERYONE does – not at all (reformatted, emphasis mine):

Rudy Giuliani answered the charge that he faces accusations of infidelity on Sunday by saying it’s not just him. “Everybody does,” the former New York City mayor and Donald Trump supporter said.

Giuliani was attacking Hillary Clinton in an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press” the morning after Trump said — with no evidence — at a rally: “I don’t even think she’s loyal to Bill, if you want to know the truth. And really folks, really, why should she be?”.  Not mentioned by Trump: He’s had three divorces and faced accusations of infidelity himself. So has the thrice-married Giuliani.

No folks, I’m also not agreeing that what Trump said that he should have.  Just stones-and-glass-houses” dumb – and goes for Rudy as well.  But I also remember what was said about Romney out of the blue that flat out was made up about him (re: dingy Harry Reid, using the US Senate well to protect what he said about Romney).  But really? To say that everyone has been unfaithful – making what both he and Trump have done of “no consequence”?

Everybody does“.  That’s downright insulting and says “you all are not in control of your emotions or urges”.  Maybe (well, have been) you are, Rudy, but that doesn’t hold for a lot of us. 35 years married and not once did the idea of not being faithful to TMEW ever cross my mind.  You accuse the rest of us to cover for yourself and Trump?  Just go away….now.

Todd asked Giuliani if he’s the right person to criticize Clinton’s marriage. Giuliani cited his pre-mayoral career as a Justice Department prosecutor. “I’m the right person to level this charge, because I’ve never made such a charge, and I’ve prosecuted people who’ve committed rape,” he said. But, Todd responded, “You have your own infidelity charge.” “Well, everybody does,” Giuliani said. “And I’m a Roman Catholic, and I confess those things to my priest. But I’ve never ever attacked someone who’s been the victim … of sexual abuse. Not only that, I put people in jail who’ve been the victim of sexual abuse.”

I do have the impression that the Elites (and make no mistake that Todd, Rudy, and Trump are ALL in those circles) have a code of morality that is more like Swiss cheese than what many of us in the “country class” have – especially on the Right that actually live their words and beliefs.  And that may well be the difference.  There are Republicans that are Republicans because, well, they’re Republicans.

Then there are those on the Right, driven onward by Principles, that do their darndest to make those Principles live in themselves.  Yes, we are all fallen and mistakes are made but to use a big Political Paintbrush on us to cover up for your own infidelities? To bring us down to your morality to bring yourself up?

Just go away.  That’s yet another reason why I left the Republican Party.