location-in-manchester_elliot_hospitalFrom Aaron Day.

Dear Elliot Hospital:

Does your drug policy apply to your board members? In particular, does it apply to Representative Joe Lachance who served as a co-sponsor of Obamacare Medicaid Expansion (HB 1696). The Elliot Hospital is a direct beneficiary of this piece of legislation.

I am a candidate for United States Senate and will be thoroughly investigating this matter. Please consider this as a hold notice for all communications between Joe Lachance and all internal and third parties regarding Obamacare Medicaid expansion. I remind you of your general employment policy as per your website.

“Elliot Health System is committed to delivering excellent patient care and to ensure a safe environment for our employees, patients and visitors. Elliot Health System is a drug and alcohol free work environment. All offers of employment are conditioned upon the successful completion of pre-employment drug testing arranged and paid for by Elliot Health System.”

I have provided a link to a recent WMUR article regarding Joe Lachance and an ongoing issue regarding illegal drugs.…/ag-former-state-rep-sold-mar…/41902372

As a policy matter, I am for the legalization of marijuana and am opposed to the failed “War on Drugs”. However, your board member may not only be in violation of the law, but has clearly violated your general employment policy. Furthermore, if his drug usage was as widespread as indicated in the Attorney General’s report, he might have been subject to coercion from fellow legislators in both the house and the senate regarding the Obamacare Medicaid expansion piece of legislation. I believe that Lachance’s co-sponsorship of the legislation was a conflict given his pre-existing board position. In light of these new allegations, the public will rightly question the integrity of Elliot, Lachance, and the broader piece of legislation. I look forward to your response.

Furthermore, I call for the resignation of Representative Joe Lachance and demand an immediate response from Speaker Shawn Jasper, Senate Minority Leader Jeb Bradley, and Governor Maggie Hassan who were directly involved with the legislation.

Aaron Day, Candidate for US Senate