So now Kelly Ayotte is competing for the hook-up constituency?

Traditional values, that ain’t ma’am. For a Republican candidate, to be passing out condoms seems to be rather……Progressive versus a traditional Republican one.  But, what the hay, you’ve already proved that in DC – openly embracing a lot of Democrat stances.  Like, for instance (and foregoing this one) the Free Market – you joining with Jeanne Shaheen and telling us that we are incapable of making good decisions in the energy area and using Government to mandate our choices for us by hiking efficiency standards?  And not letting us decide for ourselves what is best for us at a given time and cost?

That’s rather Progressive, too.  Is that what I’m supposed to vote for?

Not interested in any Progressive, ESPECIALLY one with an R next to her name.  That’s like ordering Prime Rib and being served hamburger.  (H/T: Mediaite)