So, the NBA wants to squander its fanbase like the NFL is doing?

wilson_nfl_duke_official_size_leather_game_ballAs I have blogged earlier, I have stopped watching the New England Patriots games as I refuse to be politically preached to during a sports event. Apparently, as I have been watching for these signs since SJWs started putting on the uniforms (emphasis mine):

In a leaked internal memo, the NFL blames much of the ratings hit on the presidential race, different matchups, and points to the historic ratings highs of recent years. Moreover, it claims that its own “data” shows that player protests are not a factor, that fans aren’t tuning out because the league is relaxing its notorious restrictions on player self-expression so long as those players are social justice warriors.

Even as if wear the wrong clothing / sneakers / act like Tebow did or any of a myriad number of things, they’ll get fined.  Or worse. But…

While it’s difficult to explain the behavior of millions of people by reference to any single cause, I’m dubious of the NFL’s attempt to rule out player protests as offering any explanation for the ratings drop. The NFL isn’t the NBA. Its fan base isn’t as clustered in progressive urban centers but is far more equitably distributed across the country. Thus, it plays a doubly dangerous game by embracing the social justice left. It stands to alienate more fans than it attracts, and it’s in bed with a cultural force that ultimately despises the league itself. Social justice warriors hope to destroy football. They don’t want what’s best for the league or the sport. Instead, they want to use it until they kill it.

Certainly the NFL knows that the SJWs are already after it for the concussion problem it now currently owns – is this what it is trying to do, the old “all I have to do is outrun you” in getting away from the bear?  Or an appeasement deal?

And now the NBA wants to go down the same rabbit hole.  No, I’m not pulling another personal boycott as I haven’t watched Boston Celtics in a couple of decades but still:

Singer Takes Knee While Performing National Anthem at Kings Game

The singer for the first Sacramento Kings pre-season home game took a knee as she was performing the national anthem on Monday.

CBS Sacramento reported that Bay Area performer Leah Tysse took a knee as she finished the national anthem before Sacramento’s game against Maccabi Haifa from Israel. Tysse said that her act was a protest against police treatment toward African Americans.

As a traditionalist, this pains me to see this spreading.  Sure, they can speak their piece but I don’t have to listen to it.  And I won’t and this is the reason I watch very little network TV anymore.  I’m tired of being looked down upon and maligned just because of my beliefs and outlook on the world. It seems, that at least with the NFL, people like me are thinking and doing the same thing.

I’ve seen, since the NFL ratings are doing a face plant, the networks are now having to do give backs to advertisers. If this keeps up and the owners wallets start taking big hits, something will be done. Is the NBA that foolish as to not learn from the NFL?