Ed Naile’s ‘Other’ Gig!

Stihl Timber Sports 'Wood-Monkeys' and look who's right in the middle.
Stihl Timber Sports ‘Wood-Monkeys’ and look who’s right in the middle.

If you didn’t know, Ed has another gig that occupies his time for a few months out of every year.

(Duluth Trading.com) They’ve been at this for years. Traveling around the country, preparing for event after event, maintaining their own careers in logging or forestry or as conservation professors — one of them even a former newspaper exec — before the big finale where lights shine, splinters fly, and champions are made.

No, we’re not talking about the STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® athletes — even though their stories are much the same. We’re talking about the folks who do the hard work while the cameras aren’t rolling. The guys affectionately referred to on competition day as the “Wood Monkeys.”

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