Blogline of the Day – they are reaping what they sowed

and I bet they have no idea of that line’s history or context.

The Left condemns the GOP candidate even as it celebrates crudity and sexual exhibitionism throughout the culture.

One of their main spear points in the culture wars has been to replace traditional morality (not that it was totally practiced but most understood and at least gave lip service to it) with a libertine sense of morality (the old “do it if it feels good”).  So they should be surprised?  Course not – this has been happening since the beatnik movement back in the 50s and the hippies in the 60s and 70s.  It has been “push the limits” for decades and at this point, what really can be left undone…

…except we are now seeing the emphasis on thought control and having destroyed the country’s Judeo-Christian morality, we see that they are now trying to use Orwell’s 1984, not as a warning, but as a guidebook, for they are also following (Godwin’s Law be damned) Herr Goebbels:

“We don’t need you. We have your children”

The results?  In colleges and universities where our children have gone and there, the language and outlooks have been turned on their heads to the point where even the Liberal profs are thinking “WHAT have we created” and are realizing that no quickness of feet will allow them to “outrun you” to keep from being eaten. And now, that putridness is flowing out into general society (if you doubt me, go ask your HR department or do something on social media that goes against the SJWs morality (which seems to change and enlarge day by day).

(H/T: Instapundit)